DayZ MisFits

A DayZ PvP Server

Welcome to Dayz Misfits. We are a group that focuses solely on PvP (Player versus Player) in the survival world of DayZ. On this site you can connect with other players, ask for support from admins, or support the server buy purchasing a new starting loadout. All proceeds from the loadout purchases go straight to the server and site.

DayZ Standalone Released

Hey there misfits!!!!


Just wanted to let you know that after learning about the release of the DayZ Standalone I did some research. Appearently they are not going to allow private hives or admin type tools at this point. This includes not being able to add custom vehicles or buildings. This also includes not having the ability to kick or ban people that are hacking or causing problems.


As such DayZ Misfits will remain on the classic DayZ Modpack until they see the light on standalone.


Thank you for your continued support!


Server down till Saturday

Hey Misfits!

Our server host updated their software and wiped us out... BUT FEAR NOT!

I have the weekend off and I should be able to load the server pretty quickly on Friday night (tonight)/ Saturday morning!!!

In the mean time, if you are enjoying our server then I would ask you to donate to keep it running indefinitely... We have had a lot of people donating so far and we are very thankful. 


See you all online!

-Bruce Leroy